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Hello Kitty Truck on Santana Row!

If you are visiting Santana Row on March 25th,  you are in for a treat! On that day, there will be a Hello Kitty truck! For those of you who live in the area, you are so lucky! I wish that I could have a Hello Kitty truck near where I live! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)


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Some Cool Hello Kitty Items!

Here's some cool hello kitty items I found on Pinterest!

I have to admit that my car is more of a Hello Kitty car than this one in the picture. In my car, there is hello kitty floor mats, steering wheel cover, seat covers, headrest, bumper sticker, hello kitty dolls, window decal, and hello kitty air freshener.  I even have a hello kitty license plate holder. I am still collecting more hello kitty stuff for my car.

This is my dream house!

This popcorn machine is so cute! I wish they have it at my local movie theater!

I would love to wake up in the morning drinking Hello Kitty coffee and cake! That would be a great way to start my day! I wish they have it at  Karma Bakeria--my local coffee shop or the nearest Starbucks! But it is a good thing they don't have it for I will be broke because I will go there every day!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

Hello Kitty Gel Mask

Peter Thomas Roth, a skincare brand, has a brand new Hello Kitty product. It is a gel mask! The Peter Thomas Roth Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask is known to have luxurious rose ingredients and is packed with Vitamin A and C. It is a limited edition and is on sale for $52 at their website.  While it is a bit too pricey for my budget, this may be the perfect gel mask for you! Hopefully, you will get it before it sales out! If you have bought this item, please let me know how it is! I'm dying to find out! Happy Hello Kitty reading! :)

My Experience with the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

As you know from my earlier post, I went to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck. I learned on Facebook that people were standing in line for an hour, but when I arrived, I walked right in. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck ran out of coffee, but I bought some Hello Kitty cookies and petite fours. I also bought a Hello Kitty mug. The price were expensive for they were $15 per item. All in all, I spent $50 on my purchases. While the truck was pretty pricy, I thought the whole experience was worth it. The staff was very friendly, and it catered towards the Hello Kitty fandom. As a Hello Kitty fan, I was in Hello Kitty heaven! The truck is now on its way to Miami, and it was an awesome once in a lifetime experience! I hope it comes down to Nashville again, but I doubt it. I'm just happy it came down, and I had the opportunity to make my dream come true! Thank you, Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! I'm glad to share my experience with all of you Hello Kitty fans! Please share your stories in the comme…