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Hello Kitty Stars a Superhero in a Manga!

Hello Kitty has been known all over the world for her adorableness. Now in this new manga series, she is not only cute but she is kicking aliens butts! Aliens watch out! Hello Kitty is out to get you! The manga is called Power the Kitty: Ichigoman and is written by Toshiki Inoue! The first two volumes are already out! The second and third volumes will be out May 17th! Are you interested in this manga? Have you already read it? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! : )


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Some Cool Hello Kitty Items!

Here's some cool hello kitty items I found on Pinterest!

I have to admit that my car is more of a Hello Kitty car than this one in the picture. In my car, there is hello kitty floor mats, steering wheel cover, seat covers, headrest, bumper sticker, hello kitty dolls, window decal, and hello kitty air freshener.  I even have a hello kitty license plate holder. I am still collecting more hello kitty stuff for my car.

This is my dream house!

This popcorn machine is so cute! I wish they have it at my local movie theater!

I would love to wake up in the morning drinking Hello Kitty coffee and cake! That would be a great way to start my day! I wish they have it at  Karma Bakeria--my local coffee shop or the nearest Starbucks! But it is a good thing they don't have it for I will be broke because I will go there every day!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

My Boss Loves Hello Kitty Too!

I just got a new boss this year! Her name is Lis Ann, and I learned that she loves Hello Kitty too! She made a scrapbook of Hello Kitty stationary! See how cute it is! My boss is so cool! I hope to make more Hello Kitty memories with her this year! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Why Hello Kitty Is So Popular

It is no wonder that Hello Kitty has become a cultural phenomenon. My blog on Hello Kitty directly pertains to this popular icon. I loved Hello Kitty since it first came to the U.S. in 1976. I was a child then, and from then on I have been a fan of Hello Kitty because it reminds me of the precious, endearing moments of my childhood. However, as I love Hello Kitty, I have always wondered is how did Hello Kitty remain popular for forty years? What is it that attracts many consumers, including myself, to continually buy Hello Kitty products?

Well, after a long time of research, I believe I have finally come to an answer.

1. Hello Kitty is cute.

Hello Kitty has maintained an image of purity, sweetness, and a childlike innocence. It is her cuteness, with her vibrant red bow that gives us a sense of warmth and happiness. It is appealed to young girls, while also giving young women the feel of being young again.

2. Hello Kitty brings back pleasant memories of childhood.

Women growing up with …