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Hello Kitty Guitar

My friend, Mitch, sent me a picture of a Hello Kitty guitar! I think it is so cute! Too bad I don't know how to play the electric guitar. :( Still, this guitar is so cute that I could put it on display in my house and claim that I know how to play it! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)


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Lazy Oaf's Hello Kitty Collection Will Debut Tommorw on June 15th!

The UK clothing brand, Lazy Oaf is having a Hello Kitty collection tomorrow on June 15th! Many of these clothes are pretty expensive. The average price is $90! Still, even though the collection is over my price range, there are some very cute Hello Kitty items. You can shop for the Lazy Oaf's Hello Kitty collection at However, you are excited like me for the Hello Kitty collection, take a look at the sneak peak at Refinery29. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Some Cool Hello Kitty Items!

Here's some cool hello kitty items I found on Pinterest!

I have to admit that my car is more of a Hello Kitty car than this one in the picture. In my car, there is hello kitty floor mats, steering wheel cover, seat covers, headrest, bumper sticker, hello kitty dolls, window decal, and hello kitty air freshener.  I even have a hello kitty license plate holder. I am still collecting more hello kitty stuff for my car.

This is my dream house!

This popcorn machine is so cute! I wish they have it at my local movie theater!

I would love to wake up in the morning drinking Hello Kitty coffee and cake! That would be a great way to start my day! I wish they have it at  Karma Bakeria--my local coffee shop or the nearest Starbucks! But it is a good thing they don't have it for I will be broke because I will go there every day!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

My Wish Has Come True! Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is Coming to Nashville!

If you read my post last month, you would notice how much I wanted the Hello Kitty Cafe truck to come to my area. Guess what! My wish has finally come true! The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is coming to Nashville on July 1st! I'm going to be there! I'm taking a day off, enjoy the sun, and buy some Hello Kitty food items! The Hello Kitty truck will be at the Mall in Green Hills. I'm so excited! I can't wait! I have marked it on my calendar and now counting the days! Hope to see you there! Let me know in the comments section if you are going to! I would love to meet you! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)