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My Hello Kitty Surprise!

My sister surprised me with a Hello Kitty t-shirt! I am overloaded with Pink Cuteness! Hope you have a Happy Hello Kitty New Year! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)  
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New Hello Kitty Store

Hello Kitty Stores in America are hard to find. In fact, it's been over ten years since I last paid a visit to a Hello Kitty Store. However, if you live near UC Irvine, you are in luck! Located in the University Center, there is a new Hello Kitty Store.  It is a 1,070 square feet store. They will have Hello Kitty stationary, clothing, accessories, and much more! There is also a Hello Kitty Cafe. The Hello Kitty Store will open later this month! If you live next to the school or attend the school as a student, you are in for a treat! Happy Hello Kitty Day! :)

Hello Kitty Truck is Coming to Austin, Texas!

 If you happen to live near Austin, Texas, you are in luck! The Hello Kitty Truck is coming your way  on Saturday from 10-7pm at The Domain on Agave Lane between Ben Bridge & All Saints! I wish that I could go! If you happen to go, please share your experience in the comments for I would love to hear all the details! Happy Hello Kitty Day! :)

My Boss Loves Hello Kitty Too!

I just got a new boss this year! Her name is Lis Ann, and I learned that she loves Hello Kitty too! She made a scrapbook of Hello Kitty stationary! See how cute it is! My boss is so cool! I hope to make more Hello Kitty memories with her this year! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Dolls For Chirstmas!

My sweet coworker Anne gave me these cute Hello Kitty dolls! I just love them! She even made one of them! Thank you, Anne! I hope my lovely readers have a wonderful Christmas! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Cookie Pop Stick!

While I was vacationing in South Korea, I saw a street vendor selling cookie pops sticks for $3! Out of all the pop sticks, there was only one Hello Kitty! I knew I had to buy it! It was a yummy and refreshing snack! What do you think of my treat? Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Surprise!

What a surprise to receive Hello Kitty gifts from my friend! I got a cute Hello Kitty tote bag and a TY Hello Kitty beanie baby! Don't you just love the rainbow hair clip on Hello Kitty's head? Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)