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EVA Air's Hello Kitty Plane Will Discontinue Their Flight To Los Angeles

Eva Air's Hello Kitty Plane will on October 27th discontiune thier flight for Los Angeles. They will still continue their Hello Kitty themes planes between Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Guam, just not to America. I'm very disappointed about this. I have been reading bad news about Hello Kitty already. First, Hello Kitty is not a cat, and now there will be no more Hello Kitty themed planes to America. I really hope that Eva Air will change their mind. Please, Eva Air do so! There are a lot of Hello Kitty fans in the U.S! More importantly, I hope Sanrio also changes their mind about Hello Kitty not being a cat. Is Sanrio smoking crack nowdays!? They really need to clean up their mess about Hello Kitty instead of making preposterous claims! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat!

Hello Kitty Will Not Meow Because She Is Not A Cat! Sanrio has officially stated that Hello Kitty is not a cat. Instead she is a little girl (a British human girl), a friend, and a cartoon character. To be honest, I'm confused and upset. I don't buy that Hello Kitty is not a cat. She looks like a cat, and her name is Kitty White. Why call her Hello Kitty if she is not a cat? They didn't name her Hello Little British Girl. Yes, she walks on two legs, but I'm sure that she could easily walk on  all four legs. Not to mention all her other friends in her world are animals. I am very shocked by this news because most of my life, I've always believed that she was a cat. Why couldn't Sanrio let her be a cat? None of this makes sense! I guess they are trying to cover up the mistake of Hello Kitty's pet cat, Chammy Kitty. What is your opinion of Hello Kitty not being a cat? I would love to hear your comments below. Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Run in Singapore!

Because Hello Kitty is turning 40, she will be celebrating her birthday bash with 15,000 friends on a Hello Kitty Run in Singapore. The run will cover five-kilometers route around famous Singapore landmarks. Participants is for all ages, and at the end of the run they will receive a Hello Kitty t-shirt and a Hello Kitty plush toy. There will also be a Hello Kitty birthday cake, and fans can sing "Happy Birthday to Hello Kitty." However, registration for this event is now closed for when pre-registration was first opened, 15,000 slots for the Hello Kitty run was filled within 24 hours. So don't be discouraged. There are still more Hello Kitty events to come to celebrate 40 years of Hello Kitty! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty is a Spokesperson in Space!

Hello Kitty is not only a tourism ambassador in Japan, she is also a spokesperson in space! Hello Kitty is now part of a space mission that is funded through the Japanese science and education ministry. This is because they want to get future generations interested in space. They have launched a Hello Kitty satellite and Hello Kitty has been transmitting messages back to us on Earth! You can now send a message to Hello Kitty from space by clicking on Sanrio's campaign: " Let's Send a Message From Space ." Fans can submit their messages from space till August 25th with a maximization of 180 characters in either Japanese or English. On the day of August 26th through September 8th there will be one message a day that will be broadcast. This is so cute! In fact I have submitted my message through Sanrio's "Let's Send a Message From Space" campaign. Hopefully, I will be one of the lucky people to have their message broadcast! Happy Hello Kitty Rea

First Anniversary of My Blog: #1 Ultimate Hello Kitty Fan

Yay! Today is the first year anniversary of my blog! I am very happy! It's been a long and fun year. Thank you, readers of my blog. You have helped make this blog become fun. I hope you will still keep coming here as I talk about my favorite subject-- Hello Kitty! Together, we can spread our love and passion for Hello Kitty all over the globe! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Flower Bounce

Sanrio has now teamed up with D3Publisher Inc. to produce a new hello kitty game on your smartphones and tablet devices. The new games is called Hello Kitty Flower Bounce. This game is created for Hello Kitty to bring happiness to people all over the globe with this simple puzzle action game. In this game, you can earn coins by helping Hello Kitty launch water droplets to target seeds so they can bloom. With the coins, you can buy accessories and outfits to help dress up Hello Kitty. This game can be played for people from all ages. This game also allows you to compete for your friends. I am so excited for this game! I am definitely going to download this game onto my iphone after I am done writing this blog post. I hope you too will download this game onto your personal device. Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)