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Dressing up for Halloween me as Hello Kitty and Lauralee as Sailor Moon.

Happy Hello Kitty pumpkin

My library friends, Amanda Honea and her daughter made this cute little pumpkin!

Happy Hallow Kitty!!!

Hello Kitty Monday!!!

Thanks to my friend and co-worker Anita for my wonderful sticker book!

Halloween Hello Kitty Plush Animal

What a treat! Got a Hello Kitty surprise from my boss, Jill and co-worker, Sue. It is a Halloween Hello Kitty. It looks really cute on my desk. Happy Hello Kitty fall! :)         

Hello Kitty Sushi!!!!

This looks so good to eat! Isn't it cute?!!! I wish they have this in our local Japanese restaurant! This looks like the best sushi ever!

Hello Kitty Loves to Read!!!

 I'm so thrilled that Hello Kitty loves to read and goes to her public library! Have a great Hello Kitty Day!

My Co-Worker Got Me a Hello Kitty Notepad!!!

Hi, my co-worker from the Fayetteville Lincoln County Public Library, Kelsi, surprised me a cute Hello Kitty Notepad! I had a great Hello Kitty Day!

My Co-Worker, Allen Got Me this Cute Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

My friend and co-worker at Fayetteville Lincoln County Public Library, Allen, surprised me with a cute water dispenser! I am so pleased!

Cute Hello Kitty Items at Party City!

Here are some cute Hello Kitty Items at Party City on Airport Road, Huntsville, AL. Happy Hello Kitty Labor Day!

Cute Hello Kitty Plush Animal at ABC Toys

I found this cute Hello Kitty Plush animal at ABC Toys in Madison Square Mall, Huntsville, AL. In the picture I am standing with my daughter, Lauralee. I had a great Hello Kitty Sunday! I hope you too will have an excellent Happy Hello Kitty Sunday!

Cute Hello Kitty Backpack at Claires

I found this cute Hello Kitty Backpack at Claires in the Madison Square Mall in Huntsville, Alabama. It is so cute! Happy Hello Kitty Sunday!

Cute Hello Kitty Pin From Church Member

I was in church today, and a parish member gave me a cute hello kitty pin! This was a pleasant surprise. I had at happy Hello Kitty time at church. Happy Hello Kitty Sunday!

Hello Kitty iPhone Cover!

I found this Hello Kitty iphone cover at Walgreens! It is so cute!!!! Also, in the background there are some cute Hello Kitty earplugs. So, when you listen to music on your itunes, you will always be reminded of Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty will always be with you! Happy Hello Kitty Day!

Mmmmmm........This Is The Pizza I Want To Eat And Make!!!!

Yummmmy, this is the pizza I would like to make and eat. This is my dream pizza! If you take one bite out of this, I'm sure it will take you to Hello Kitty Heaven!

Hello Kitty at Barnes and Nobles

Yay!!! There are cool Hello Kitty items at Barnes and Nobles!

Hello Kitty Items at Michaels

Yay! I found a plethora of Hello Kitty items at Michaels!

My Patron and Friend Gave Me Hello Kitty Eraser Toppers

My Patron and friend, Sandra Fagundes and her daughter gave me these cute Hello Kitty erasers topper!!!

A Surprise That Was Given To Me By My Husband!

My husband surprised me by giving me Hello Kitty gummies! Thanks to my co-worker and husband. They have made my Hello Kitty Day very special! Happy Hello Kitty Day!

My Friend and Co-Worker Got Me Hello Kitty Items

I'm so happy! My friend and co-worker at the Fayetteville Lincoln County Public Library, Anita, got me some Hello Kitty items. She has helped made my Hello Kitty Day very special! Happy Hello Kitty Day!!!

Some Hello Kitty trivia

Here's some facts about Hello Kitty: 1. Hello Kitty was created in 1974. She is almost 38 years old, a very old cat! Her first appearance was on a coin purse. 2. Hello Kitty came to the United States in 1976 (two years after its first appearance in Japan). 3. Her birthday is on November 1st. She is a Scorpio (Hello Kitty and I both share the same sign). This year she will be 39 years old! 4. Hello Kitty's last name is White. Her real name is Kitty White. 5. Hello Kitty was born in the suburbs of London, England. 6. She is a Japanese bobtail cat. 7. Her parents are George and Mary. She has a twin sister named Mimmy. She has a pet kitten named Charmmy Kitty, which is a white Persian cat. She also has a pet hamster named Sugar, which was a gift from her boyfriend, Dear Daniel. 8. She is 1 foot and 8 inches tall, and weighs 1.5 pounds. 9. Hello Kitty's red bow means friendship. 10. Hello Kitty has no mouth (though that did not stop her from releasing her own

Cool Hello Kitty Items at the Mall

I went shopping at the nearest mall in Huntsville, Alabama because they were hosting an Anime Day, and they had some cool Hello Kitty items. I bought the bag. I just love the red bag! Happy Hello Kitty Day!  

I Love Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!

I have been a Hello Kitty fan since 1976 since I was a teenager. I love Hello Kitty so much that I had a Hello Kitty Day event where I worked at. I was in Hello Kitty Heaven. I was covered in head to toe in Hello Kitty items. My shoes were Hello Kitty. I wore a Hello Kitty shirt, and Hello Kitty jewelry along with Hello Kitty glasses. It was as if Hello Kitty had come to take me to Heaven. We read Hello Kitty books, had Hello Kitty trivia, and even had Hello Kitty crafts! It was fun! I also have a Hello Kitty car where everything in my car is covered with Hello Kitty items. My husband does not like to drive my car because he always get weird looks.  Therefore, this blog will be devoted to everything Hello Kitty by the ultimate Hello Kitty fan and this for other Hello Kitty fans like me! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! Me, with my daughter, Lauralee, and co-worker, Sue Holland at my Hello Kitty Day event!