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Hello Kitty Doll

I got a hello kitty doll from a library patron.

My Hello Kitty Gifts Today

Thank you, Kayelee and Amanda Honea, for my Hello Kitty candy and flag!!! Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

Cute and Funny Hello Kitty Pictures

I found some cute Hello Kitty pictures. This car is so cute and small! I would like to drive this car. It would make parking in heavily congested areas so much easier! :) This is how I would love to decorate my office at work! This boot is so cute! I would so love to wear it! And here is a picture for laughs! It's a plane! It's a bird! No, it is Hello Kitty Superman!!  Swoon! He is my darling hero! Come and rescue me! How I wish my husband will wear this costume! I hoped you enjoyed looking at the photos! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

My Valentine's Day Gift From My Husband

My husband got me a cute valentine hello kitty tin filled with my favorite peanut butter cookies from Karma Bakeria. Happy Hello Kitty Valentine's Day! :)

Hello Kitty Valentine!

I got a Hello Kitty Valentine from Sue. It is a hello kitty night light. It will turn your bedroom into a Hello Kitty starry sky. My husband, who hates hello kitty, will hide his head under the covers, but I am very excited to see the Hello Kitty stars.

Move Aside Disney, Hello Kitty Airline Has Come To The U.S.!

I am so happy that a hello kitty airplane arrived in the United States. Hopefully, there will be more trips to the U.S. The hello kitty airline is called EVA Air, and I have to say that by the photos of the airplane that has made my dreams come true and is a thousand times better than a Disney cruise! :)                        This is the coolest way to check in! This is the cutest boarding ticket I have ever seen! Yay! This is such a beautiful airline! I absolutely adore the seats with the hello kitty headrests! Plus, I looooooove the hello kitty pillows! Usually, it is hard for me to sleep on the plane, but with these hello kitty pillows, I can fall asleep in an instant. It is definitely make an overnight flight easier, for I really loathe them. Yum!!! It looks like good food, and it is shaped like Hello Kitty! Thus, this airline is a gateway to heaven! Disney, I am afraid that you are now second best. For, you cannot make my

Some Cool Hello Kitty Items!

Here's some cool hello kitty items I found on Pinterest! I have to admit that my car is more of a Hello Kitty car than this one in the picture. In my car, there is hello kitty floor mats, steering wheel cover, seat covers, headrest, bumper sticker, hello kitty dolls, window decal, and hello kitty air freshener.  I even have a hello kitty license plate holder. I am still collecting more hello kitty stuff for my car. This is my dream house! This popcorn machine is so cute! I wish they have it at my local movie theater! I would love to wake up in the morning drinking Hello Kitty coffee and cake! That would be a great way to start my day! I wish they have it at  Karma Bakeria--my local coffee shop or the nearest Starbucks! But it is a good thing they don't have it for I will be broke because I will go there every day! I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

My Favorite Places Where They Have Hello Kitty

There is no Sanrio store where I live, but I still have found some cool stores that have Hello Kitty. Here are some of my favorite places: Michaels: This place have rows and rows of Hello Kitty items, and they are really cheap. Target: You can find cute Hello Kitty items in the bargain bins. Wal-Greens: They have Hello Kitty items there. I even got a cute Hello Kitty snuggie there. Barnes and Nobles: They have a cute Hello Kitty section. If anyone has any more Hello Kitty places, please let me know. Happy Hello Kitty Reading and Shopping!

Hello Kitty Vending Machine!

That is so cool that there is a Hello Kitty Vending Machine! Too bad it is only in Japan. : ( I wish there is one where I lived. That vending machine would make me broke all the time because I would go there 24/7! Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

Anime/Cosplay Event

Anime/Cosplay Event was a lot of fun at the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Public Library. We had a scavenger hunt. Lauralee and I judged a cosplay event, and then we had door prizes. We then watched an anime event. It was very successful. We've had many requests to have the event again. I dressed up as Hello Kitty, and Lauralee dressed up as Sailor Moon! Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

Dressing Up As Hello Kitty For Anime Event

Today, I am dressing up as Hello Kitty for an anime event that the library is hosting. My daughter and I are very excited! She is going to be Sailor Moon! The event is from 6-9. We can't wait! Happy Hello Kitty Reading, and hope to see you there tonight at Fayetteville-Lincoln County Public Library for our Anime Event!