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Showing posts from February, 2015

Hello Kitty Snow Day!

Purrr! It is snowing outside, so it is Hello Kitty Snow Day today! I'm drinking hot chocolate and sitting by the fireside thinking about Hello Kitty!!! I hope you keep warm! What are your thoughts on this snow day? Happy Hello Kitty Snow Day!

Hello Kitty + Buberry+ Line= Awesome Fashion Show!

In the Autumn and Winter of 2015, Burberry will be partnering with Line, a Japanese messaging app, for its live streaming show at London Fashion Week. They will also be showcasing cute Japanese art, including Hello Kitty! I'm excited for this because not only do I love Hello Kitty, but I also like Burberry perfume. Happy Hello Kitty Reading!

Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival!

Hello Kitty are going to go on the road for their first ever live American tour! The tour will start in May 2015! This event is an interactive musical event and is for all ages! So get super excited for they are coming to a city near you! Here is the link or more information about this event and to purchase tickets: . I would definitely go to this event, but unfortunately Hello Kitty isn't coming anywhere near me. But I'm sure they will be coming to you! Happy Hello Kitty Reading!