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My Hello Kitty Squishmallow!

 My coworker surprised me at work today by giving me a Hello Kitty Squishmallow! I love it! It is so cute! Happy Hello Kitty Reading: )


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Hello Kitty Animated Show

There will be a new tv series called Hello Kitty: Super Style ! Instead of the show being a 2-D television series, it is going to be animated in 3-D! It is in production and will launch on Amazon Kids Plus later this year! The story will be how she helps her friends in need. Hello Kitty's bow will have magical powers! I am so excited for this tv series! What do you think? Are you excited as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)

Hello Kitty Doll

I got a hello kitty doll from a library patron.

Hello Kitty is No Longer Sanrio's Most Popular Character!

I am very sadden to have learned that Hello Kitty is no longer Sanrio's most popular character. Instead, the most popular character of Sanrio is Cinnamoroll. Cinnamoroll is the character that looks like a bunny. While I like Cinnamoroll, I still think that Hello Kitty should deserve the award for Sanrio's most popular character. Instead, Hello Kitty was placed as Sanrio's sixth most popular character. I am very displeased with this news because I believe that Hello Kitty is the most influential character at Sanrio. She is what sparked the Sanrio brand. There is a theme park about Hello Kitty. She has also been in animes, movies, and television series. Therefore, I can't believe she is no longer the most popular character at Sanrio. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Hello Kitty Reading! :)